Davide Moretti, also known as “Moro”, was born in Bologna on 25th March 1998, across the two famous Euroleague derby on 24th and 26th, between Virtus Bologna and Fortitudo Bologna: an Epic series.

Heights 6’3, plays basketball as a combo guard.

He is Mariolina Tozzi and Paolo’s son and has a younger brother, Niccolo’, born in 2004, that plays basketball as well.

His dad, Paolo Moretti, was a great professional basketball player across 90s and now is a coach.

With his clubs, as a player he won 3 Italian Championship with Virtus Bologna (1992/1993, 1993/1994, 1994/1995), 2 Italian Cup with Scaligera Verona (1991) and Fortitudo Bologna (1998) and 2 Italian Supercup with Virtus Bologna (1996) and Fortitudo Bologna (1998).

As a coaches he won the Italian second League (A2) with Pistoia (2012/2013), the best Italian League A coach (2013/2014) and the 30th Reverberi prize edition (2015).
With Italian National team, as a player, won the Silver Medal at the Juniores European Championship (1988), the Gold Medal at the under 22 European Championship (1992), 2 Gold Medals at the Mediterranean Games (1991, 1993), the Silver Medal at the Goodwill Games (1994) and the Silver Medal at the Eurobasket (1997).

Davide Moretti started play basketball really early, in all the various youth clubs team where his dad played (Roseto degli Abruzzi) and then coached (Siena, Catanzaro, Ancona, Livorno, Reggio Calabria, Brindisi, Pistoia).

In 2013, in Genova, won the Regionals Trophy Tournament with Tuscany, during the Final, helped his team and dropped 37 points, to reach the victory after an over time, against Piemonte.

Davide Moretti receives his mom’s hug, after the victory

Davide Moretti receives his mom’s hug, after the victory

In 2017 graduate from High School of Applied Sciences.


During 2013/2014 season he played with Stella Azzurra Rome, in the two youth teams and also in the Italian League B championship. On the under 17 championship he arrived 4th in all the country and put into the best 5 players.

During 2014/2015 season he played with Pistoia Basket, in the two youth teams and also in the Italian League A championship, where he made his first debut at the age of 16, on 25 October 2014. In this season he drove his under 19 team to the under 19 Italian Youth Championship Final, lost just by one point, also his under 17 team to the victory of the under 17 Italian Youth Championship and put into the best 5 players.
During seasons 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 he played with Treviso Basket, in the Italian League A2, reached both seasons the playoffs. During 2016/2017 season he is named as Best under22 Player of the championship.
During 2017/2018 season he goes to play in NCAA, joins the Texas Tech University, in the Big XII Conference.


During 2013/2014 season was selected for the first time and played with under 16 Italian team under 16 European Championship, at the end they qualified for the under 17 World Championship next year.

He played also in under 18 and under 20 European Championship.

In 2014 was selected for the Jordan Brand Classic, in Barcelona

In 2015 he was selected for the Basketball Without Borders, in Gran Canaries (Spain).


In 2016, in Mannheim (Germany), he played with the under 18 Italian team the “Albert Schweitzer” tournament (a kind of World Championship), and he reached the Bronze medal and put into the best 5 players.

Davide Moretti festeggia la Medaglia di Bronzo vinta con l’Italia Under 18 nel Campionato Europeo 2016

In 2016, in Samsun (Turkey), he won the Bronze medal at the under 18 European Championship like team’s captain, and put into the best 5 players.

Davide Moretti con l’Italia Under 18 festeggia la Medaglia di Bronzo e l’inclusione nel miglior quintetto al torneo “Albert Schweitzer” 2016
Davide Moretti, al centro, inserito nel miglior quintetto del Campionato Europeo Under 18 2016

From 2013 to 2017, in total, played: 2x under16 European Championship, 1x under17 World Championship, 2x under18 European Championship and 2x under20 European Championship.