Social Promotional Association

Marghera (VE) Italy

Davide Moretti have his name in memory of Davide Ancilotto, basketball player tragically dead in 1997, at the age of 23.

Davide’s dad, Paolo, choose to remember him, a player and a friend, he played with the National team and in League A. (Paolo was born in 1970 and Davide in 1974).

In honor to remember Davide Ancilotto, was arise the Social Promotional Association 4NCI.

To support and be update on all their initiative, we invite you to visit the website and follow their facebook page.


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Domestic Oncological Support

Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE) Italy

Rosa per la Vita arise in spring 2017, with the purpose to support on Roseto territory the way of Domestic Oncological care.

An high specialized medical support that follow the oncological patient directly from his house, contemporary support the family and reducing all the daily problematics about therapy time and management.


To support the onlus Rosa per la Vita, you can send a bank money transfer trough their following IBAN:

IT08 S054 2477 0200 0000 1000 107

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