Today is a special day for Davide Moretti, one of those stages that you always carry with you in life: a normal man, with a normal body that has chosen to challenge the destiny and culture of “comfortable choice”, crossing the ocean , going to the house of the owners of the game, those who have the game in hand, challenging the best at home, in the most difficult and complicated role, where the physical and technical competition is scary, to chase a DREAM and to center the most important goal, to return better than when you left!

Monday, November 26th, at the fourth week of COLLEGE CHAMPIONSHIP, TEXAS TECH’s RED RAIDERS are back with # 20 in the top 25 of the Ranking.

After the record season where TTU reaches the Elite Eight and the best placement ever, the team loses 5 Seniors, 4/5 of the starting five and COACH BEARD promotes Davide Moretti, in his Sophomore year, to the starter role.

This is the first big news coming from Lubbock: the team has been rejuvenated, regenerated. Freshman were recruited, transfers arrived, promoted Odiase and Moretti in the quintet, but the Red RAIDERS are still competitive at the highest level.
The second big news is that Davide Moretti, in his year by Sophomore, is in the history of Italian basketball, for two years in a row he enters with his COLLEGE in the TOP 25, and this year puts his feet in the Ranking with 6 inputs in the starting five out of 6 outputs, 29 minutes and 11 average points. Before him Akele at URI (average 13.6 minutes in the 15/16 season and 2.9 average points in the 16/17 season) and Della Valle at OHIO STATE (average 11.9 minutes with 4 average points in the career NCAA) had been part of universities so competitive to be back in the lot of the best 25 during their seasons, but with lower minutes than the “MORO”!

We are only at the fourth week of the NCAA game, 6 victories out of 6 games played is a great start, but we are still in November. The Memphis Tigers in Miami next Saturday and especially the big favorite DUKE Blu Devils (# 3) at Madison Square Garden in New York on December 20th, will still be two more fire rehearsals before entering the tough BIG XII regular season, conference which already includes, in addition to the RED RAIDERS also Kansas, Kansas State and Texas among the TOP 25.