Second consecutive defeat for Texas Tech who, after Oklahoma, is forced to capitulate at home against Texas. A double-sided match for the Red Raiders who in the first half perform very well both from the offensive and defensive point of view, scoring a nice break before the end of the time which allows him to close the lead in the first 20 minutes. In the second half, however, the protagonist is Texas who first comes back the disadvantage, then keeps up with the Red Raiders and finally closes the practice obtaining the victory. Texas Tech is now expected from a busy week with the last two Big 12 matches in which it will face # 2 Baylor and # 1 Kansas.

The game starts with a triple from Moretti, which kicks off and baskets hit between the two teams for the first 9 minutes of the game, with the score remaining in perfect equality, 11-11. Texas tries to break the balance and put some margin between her and the Red Raiders, but Texas Tech is good at fighting immediately, bringing the scoreboard to 19-19 after 12′. The two teams continue to face each other openly, in a very felt race both on the pitch and in the stands, with neither of them wanting to move back an inch. It is Texas Tech, however, to try to take the reins of the match in the last part of the first period with a partial 9-0, led above all by the 5 points of Davide Moretti, which allows the Red Raiders to take the 32-26 to 2′ from the end of time. Before the siren, Texas finds his way back to the basket, but also Texas Tech is no different, thus managing to maintain the advantage. After 20 minutes, the score is 37-30 in favor of the Red Raiders.

On the return to the pitch, Texas started very fast and in 2 ‘thanks to a 5-0 break shortened the distance immediately, 37-35. After the partial opponent, Texas Tech tries to respond, but is unable to get back to a distance from Texas, with the match that sees the two teams face off again and respond blow by blow with the sound of baskets, thus keeping the game always in balance, with the two teams at close range, but with the Red Raiders always ahead, 51-50 9’ from the end. The first advantage for Texas comes with a 5-0 partial which allows him to conquer the head of the match, 51-55 6 ‘from the end. Texas Tech tries to get back under McCullar’s basket, but Texas immediately responds with another break of 5-0, 53-60 at 2’ from the end. Ramsey and McCullar allow the Red Raiders to return to -2 at 1.12’ from the end, 60-58. In the last minute of the game Texas Tech goes into confusion from both an offensive and defensive point of view, failing to score and conceding 8 points in the last 50” of the game. The game ends with the score 68-58 in favor of Texas.

For Davide Moretti, a first half as protagonist and top scorer of his team, while a second period opaque from the offensive point of view, but with a good contribution on the defensive side. Closes with 11 points, 1 assist and 1 rebound in 38 minutes of play.

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