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The first basket of the game is from Kentucky, which starts well and goes straight ahead, but Texas Tech, right from the start, does not stand by and responds blow by blow to the opponents ‘baskets, 10-10 after 5’. The first advantage of the Red Raiders comes after 7 ‘of play and when the match goes live: the two teams have a very intense pace and between breaks and counter-breaks they overtake each other for the entire second half of the first period , leaving neither of them the possibility of putting a substantial margin. The first period ends with Quickley’s midfield shot that allows Kentucky to end the first 20 minutes ahead of the score of 34-36.

The start of the second period is all of the “Kentucky” brand which, within 5 minutes, places a partial of 14-6 and wins the double digit of the race with the first advantage, reaching +10, 40-50. Texas Tech’s response comes immediately, with the boys of coach Beard who quickly reduce the opponent’s advantage, but are unable to get back in contact, remaining at -7 to 5 ‘from the end, 61-54. To shake up and allow the start of the real comeback is the triple by Davide Moretti who first starts the partial and then, at the end of the work, marks the two free throws that allow the Red Raiders to impact the match at 63 2.40 ”from the end. The final minutes of the race are very intense, with Kentucky managing to take the lead with a free 28 “from the end and Texas Tech who, always from the line with Moretti, equalized the score 18” from the end. At the final siren, the two teams are in perfect equality on 64-64 and overtime is necessary to decree the winner.

In overtime Kentucky starts off very strong, making a 5-0 partial in one minute and immediately going to +5, 69-64 at 3.51” from the end. The Red Raiders answer Edwards’ triple, Kentucky does the same with Sestina, but it is still Edwards and then Terrence Shannon jr from the line that allow Texas Tech to gnaw the opponent’s advantage and equalize the match at 1.13 “from the end, 72-72. Kentucky moves forward from the line, the Red Raiders respond with a McCullar jumper, but on the 74-74 ball in hand, they cannot capitalize on the attack and score. Decisive are the two free finals marked by Richards 10” from the end, which deliver the victory to Kentucky. The final score is 74-76 in favor of the opponents, with Texas Tech that after a great race is forced to capitulate.

For Davide Moretti, present for 44 minutes on the parquet, a good offensive and defensive test, especially in the second period where he made himself the protagonist of the comeback that allowed Texas Tech to play the overtime. Closes with 15 points, 3 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 stolen balls.

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