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The two teams immediately begin to face each other with a basket, with Texas Tech always responding to the opponent and managing to take the lead with Moretti’s jumper, led especially by Ramsey’s triple, 13-10 after 8′. The game is a lot of fun, made up of continuous overtaking and counter-overtaking between the two teams. In the first half, neither of them manages to escape, but not even get a minimum advantage, in fact, after 20 minutes of play, the score is absolutely equal, 30-30.

In the second half Texas Tech starts very well and manages to immediately score a mini-break of 4-0, 34-30. Baylor tries to get back down, Moretti pulls her back, with two consecutive triples he can get back up, but it is still Moretti who allows the Red Raiders to impact the match, 38-38 after 6’ of the second half. In the second half of the period, the two teams are still the protagonists of continuous hit and answer, in which Baylor manages to reach even +5 (maximum advantage), but with Texas Tech that not only takes over the opponents, but also passes back to the advantage at 4 ‘from the end, 55-52. After Baylor’s draw, the last 2’ of the game are really intense: Moretti brings the Red Raiders ahead, Baylor draws from the line with Bandoo, McCullar finds the triple of +3, but the opponent immediately draws again with Bandoo, at set the score at 60-60. In the last minute the two teams, between wrong throws and lost balls, fail to score the basket of victory, so, after 40 minutes of play, the score is 60-60 and perfect equality. It takes an overtime to decide the winner of this match.

Baylor started very strongly in overtime and to keep Texas Tech alive he tries Holyfield, 63-66 for Baylore at 2.44’ from the end. McCullar shortens for the Red Raiders, Baylor finds the triple of Teague, but the -1 TTU arrives again with the answer from Edwards, 68-69 at 47” from the end. In the last seconds of the game, a bloody lost ball for Texas Tech that sends Butler to the bezel for Baylor who makes 2/2, 68-71 at 11” from the end. The latest attack by the Red Raiders, who are forced to surrender to the siren, is not successful. The final score is 68-71 in favor of #4 Baylor.

For Davide Moretti not an excellent shooting performance, but a constant presence also from the offensive point of view in the most important moments of the match, in addition to the great defensive contribution. Closes with 11 points, 4 assists, 1 rebounds and 1 ball stolen in 37 minutes.

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