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The start of the match is all OSU license plate which, with 8 consecutive points in the first 4 minutes, immediately puts the head forward. Texas Tech finds the way to the basket only after 5 ‘from the start of the match, trying to shorten with Edwards and Ramsey, but the opponents reply to each basket, 5-11. The hit and answer of baskets continues, with Texas Tech who, after 10 minutes of play, manages to find his first advantage with a jumper from Moretti, 15-14. The distance between the teams is minimal, with OSU that after a few minutes takes over the head of the match and the Red Raiders who respond accordingly, again taking the lead on the end of the first half. After 20 minutes of play, the score is 29-27 in favor of Texas Tech.

In the second period, the Red Raiders start off well and, after gaining the lead in the first half, try to consolidate it in the first minutes of the second, going to +8 after 4 ’of the game, 40-32. OSU tries to respond, but Texas Tech continues to drive back opponents, 48-41 12 ‘from the end. However, OSU does not give up and, with an important partial of 6-0, he returns definitively to the game, reaching -1 to 11 ‘from the end, 48-47. Now the distances between the two teams are again reduced to the minimum terms, with both facing each other openly, fighting the head of the game basket after basket, with the game that 7 ‘from the end is in perfect equality on 58-58. After the draw, however, OSU is back in the lead after so many minutes, with Texas Tech now forced to chase, 65-66 at 2.46 ‘from the end. Holyfield brings the Red Raiders back from the line, OSU does the same with three free throws and McCullar again 20” from the end marks the -1 for Texas Tech, 69-70. The last few seconds of play for the Red Raiders, however, are a succession of errors and confusion with wrong free decisives and bloody lost balls, which do not allow Texas Tech to try to recover the disadvantage and bring home the victory. The game ends with the score 70-73 in favor of OSU.

For Davide Moretti a good test with 15 points, 5 assists, 2 rebounds and 1 ball stolen in 40 minutes.

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