by Paolo Moretti.

The primarily purpose that I had when I left for this journey in Texas was to know personally, if all the reassurances that Davide has gave to us everyday when we called him, were the truth, or they were only excuses to don’t let us be worry for him.

Since some weeks ago, exactly since the first weeks of October, we heard a really relaxed voice, happy and completely full of energy, much more than the first period. Especially his mom, she felt during his call, that the toughest period, due to the language, food, academy and all the different habits inside and outside the court, were gone.

After have packed my bag with few personal things, Davide’s favorite pillow, fifteen rice’s boxes, fifteen tomato’s tubes, I left Bologna, trough Frankfurt/Dallas to arrive in Lubbock.

I was arrived at TTU on Tuesday November 1st, late night, after Davide has finished his first exhibition game with his team at the amazing United Supermarkets Arena.

The following night, Davide has invited all the team, with assistant managers and some coaches, to eat the real ITALIAN PASTA, I have cooked to 25 people our tomato pasta and carbonara pasta. INCREDIBLE SUCCESS!

Next morning, as soon as I walked the door, I had an unexpected event: somebody took my car, that I had rent at Dallas Airport. I have parked the night before, to take off the purchase for the Italian evening, in a reserved spot.

The Cottages where Davide lives is beautiful, it looks like a tourist resort, much way better organized, with some really tough rules, in fact, what happened last night cost me $313 of tow truck!

Saturday November 4th, I left for San Antonio, to see Ettore Messina, that he has invited me to visit the Spurs’ practice facility center, where I had the opportunity to see two practices: a real one, with the G-League team of the Austin Toros plus Tony Parker, that practiced with them to recover from his injury, and the second one, shooting around and walk trough during the morning of Clippers @ Spurs game.

At the facility, 1 Spurs Lane, I have enjoyed the time spent with one of the best European coaches, Ergin Ataman, he was doing a work trip that it would have taken him to Sacramento, Houston and than to San Francisco.

At the AT&T arena in San Antonio, I have watched the games: Spurs vs Suns and Spurs vs Clippers; the second one much way better than the first one, but both had an amazing atmosphere, for all that the US basketball represent here.

During the first game, I was arrived at the arena with Coach Messina, three hours before, so I had the opportunity to attend and watch all the pregame warmup, exactly on court side seats, in that moment I have seen on the Phoenix bench, a known “red” face, he was Tim Kempton, we played two years together in Verona, now he is a Sun’s TV commentator.

Parallel lives that time ago, parallel lives now, due to our sons, they have crossed during the summer, the ocean to play basket, Davide at Texas and Tim Junior at Bilbao.

Incredible coincidences!

Wednesday November 8th, I came back to Lubbock in the afternoon, on time to watch Davide’s practice, and after that, I was able to watch also the TTU women Volleyball game.

Finally Davide’s first NCAA game has come, Friday November 10th, South Alabama guys came in Lubbock, to face the Red Raider in the opening night.

An incredible atmosphere! Hard to explain, presentation and entertainment in NBA style, great organization, the American way to show the sport’s event. It is only the conclusion of how can we learn their incredible initiatives, to elevate our sport’s culture and habits.

After the national anthem, we begun! Tight game, the superiority of Coach Beard’s guys is clear, but they show it up only after 5 minutes of the second half, after that everything became easier! They won 75-50.

Is normal that in these games, anxiety and a little bit of fear are the principal characters, but I still have seen a lot of great things, that let glimpse a really big potential.

Saturday and Sunday on work, and here there already is the second one, November 14th a new guest is coming, it is Maine.

Unfortunately for me, there is no game, too low their level, 11-0 for TT on the first time out, 20-3 on the second one, I have watched a practice with crowd and score!

But already since the next two games, the level will raise up, on November 18th and 19th the Red Raiders are going to Connecticut to face Boston College first, and then another great ranked team, in a quadrangular tournament with Semifinal and Final in two days, the level is definitely going up!

My journey in Texas has arrived at the end, I left home to try to understand how my son was doing and what he needed, instead I have found I grow man.

On the long road from Lubbock to Dallas, where I will take the flight that will bring me back home, thousand of thoughts are on my mind, there is a little bit of sadness that fill my eyes of tears, from now Davide will need his father less than before, BUT THIS IS LIFE!


Paolo Moretti
Dad of Davide Moretti

Ettore Messina e Paolo Moretti.