After a first halftime played with an incredible defensive intensity, closed with the score of 53-10, TEXAS TECH sweeps away the DEMONS of NORTHWESTERN STATE with the final score of 79-44.

The # 11 of the Ranking wins the ninth row in season bringing the record to 9/0, the 44th race won in a row in the non-conference home game, getting ready in the best way to the amazing games on horseback of the new year, which will be the real attraction of the collegiate games of the Christmas period!

Little to say about the game, if not repeat how clear the strength of the collective defense, which stands out in all the NCAA rankings in that department, and the great offensive distribution of responsibilities and points made.
Davide Moretti scores 7 points with 3/6 from the field, equaling the personal record of ASSIST (6) in a single game.

Next stop, of great charm, will take place in Lubbock, but in the historic Arena where once the RED RAIDERS, the MUNICIPAL COLISEUM, performed at 6 pm on Saturday 15 December (on Sunday morning in Italy) against ABILENE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY.