Davide Moretti website arise, that responds to www.davidemoretti.it URL.

The website space of Paolo’s son, combo guard born in 1998 height 6.3, it would be a directly way to tell his human and sports experience that begin this season.

Indeed, Davide has chosen to study in the US and plays basketball in NCAA, agree to the Texas Tech’s opportunity, that took him to wear the 25 Red Raider’s jersey, and plays in the Big XII Conference.

So the website will be a way to know him better, share about his own experiences and support all the projects that the Bologna 25th March born, across the two most famous Eurologue derby between Virtus Bologna and Fortitudo Bologna, will consider to be mentioned.

“Moro” ‘s site – Davide’s nickname – is composed to a section called BIO, that tell about his biography;

A section called BLOG where there are Davide’s diary (Diary), the space for all the important people articles from the world of basketball (GIVE&GO), and a space for all the news about him (NEWS); a section CALENDAR where there will be all the appointments and games dates of the Texas Tech Red Raiders; sections GALLERY and MEDIA where there will be all the photos choose by Davide during his past years and all the Articles/Videos about him; LINKS section where there will be all the sites followed by Davide; CHARITY section where we will speak about beneficial associations supported by Davide and his family.

The website will also have a “social” section, composed with all links about his Instagram profile, his Facebook page and his Twitter account. There also a link called “Playlist”, and it will be a playlist with all the songs choose from Davide.

www.davidemoretti.it, will be daily update, periodically offer contributes about Basketball people and different ways to follow Davide, but more in general, the US Basketball University world.

Ready, go: is Moro mania!