The second week of the MBDC ended in Ovada, thus closing the first summer of SUMMER 2018 activity linked to the experience of Davide in the magical world of the NCAA.
Rimini and Ovada were the two stages that brought just under one hundred boys and girls to know, play and interact with Davide to know directly and indirectly the experiences of a humble and simple boy who is chasing an American dream.
The sea of ​​the splendid Adriatic coast in Viserba, and the welcoming and multifunctional center of Il Geirino, were the locations that hosted these two fun weeks, where the basketball sessions were held, proposing specific activities and targeted training in the morning. the afternoon individual and team contests.
The finals of the tournaments and the All Stars Game, have represented the closing of the two weeks in the respective Saturday morning, not before rewarding a large number of participants, with gadgets of the last two teams where Davide has played, the Italian national U20 and the Texas Tech Red Raiders.
The alternative activities were the sea and the evening outings in Rimini, the soccer and table tennis tournaments in Ovada; activation of specific outdoor gym, kick boxing session, meeting with the Joy Trainer and a special work in the water, taking advantage of the magnificent swimming pool in the center that was also the most exploited recreational center to fight the heat that accompanied us during the second week in Piemonte.
A big and special thanks to the staff of Red Basket and IBR, for having supported and made possible the two wonderful weeks. To the hotel structure of Viserba and Ovada, hospitable and precise on all occasions. To the invaluable contribution of Alex Giovanni and Marco, Irene for the administrative and connecting part, Twiggy for the support and outfitting, and the president of Sport Services Mirko Bottero.
Finally, we would like to thank all the CAMPERS for their passion, for the availability and for the desire to have fun and improve themselves that they brought from home. We want to say the greatest THANK YOU to parents, without whose sacrifice, economic and practical, no manifestation like this could ever exist. Finally thanks to the coaches, managers of the club who have entrusted their boys giving us the necessary confidence, which I assure you we have repaid with the greatest commitment possible!
Andreas, Max and Paolo are real behind-the-scenes engines and not just the organization that has been lean and efficient!
I can only say hello, hoping you had fun as we had fun and giving you an appointment at SUMMER 2019 with the MORETTI BASKETBALL DREAM CAMP … and as David’s slogan says: