by Davide Moretti.

I just finished a week of work in the gym. I am lying on my bed thinking of the upcoming one and looking at the schedule: 5 individual workouts and 4 sessions in “the LAB”; the weight room.

The individual work is incredible, and I really love it.

Here in Texas I have a new shadow, or better a “triple shadow” that follows me wherever I go. In fact I have three managers that are always ready to pass me the ball, rebound for me, set screens or play physical when I take it to the rim, never giving me a simple lay-up.

There is always one pressuring me with his defense, never letting me breathe.

I am also working on my ball handling with some tennis balls. And obviously my “triple shadow” is there to slap my hands and arms trying to make me lose control of the ball.

Not to mention when I use and run off screens; they are always there pushing and tugging , making everything much more difficult.

I am shooting a lot: off screens as a 2 guard and off the dribble as a point, and my guys are there trying to block my shots and forcing me to keep better balance.

In a certain way you could say that I really love them. I love my “triple shadows” and I love the way I get to workout with them all.

And the LAB is nothing less.

There is a phrase I hear every time I walk into the weight room. Our physical conditioning coach Reilly says it every time he sees me walking in at 8 o’clock.

He says:” let’s change your body”.

Now,..even if I can’t feel my arms or legs anymore, I still have the last rep…the toughest and the heaviest.

This is my typical day. It’s really tough, but believe me.. it is all I ever wanted.

On my first day off, a Sunday I went to the supermarket. I needed to get something Italian!

I was missing my pasta!!

So I bought four boxes of it, some tomato sauce and some very hard to find, extra virgin olive oil. I have tried thousands of different foods and some are really good, but my body has a need for pasta, and I really had to cook some. It is something I truly like and need.

Days go by, and I really miss my home and my family. So I decided to put something in my dorm room, to feel less alone.

Day after day I really think I am going through a great experience, working hard every day.

What do you think…do you agree?