by Davide Moretti.

I have always written on social networks and used the #ngu hash tag. To “never give up” is something that I have learned from my father, that never gave up, on the basketball court or off of it, when he fought and overcome leukemia. This is why I wanted this motto on my website, that I hope you will visit and appreciate, since it is a way to keep in touch with everyone, now that I am “7 hours behind” the Italian time zone.

I am here in Lubbock, Texas, where I study at Texas Tech and play basketball with the Red Raiders, in the Big 12 Conference.

I am lucky to have a great number of friends, and people that care for me, but I would like to expand this number, sharing my feelings and life experiences.

This is why I started this website, that I hope can be useful for those that wish to follow my footsteps and reach the United States to study, play hard and improve, working hard, to turn their dreams into reality.

I will try to keep my Instagram account updated ,in order to interact with those who follow me. In this website you will also have the possibility to follow my basketball season, and read pieces of writing ,from important Italian basketball personalities, and I hope soon, also from the US.

I hope you get to like this space, and if you have any suggestions or some constructive criticism, please send them in.

Never Give Up!