Good first game on NCAA for Davide Moretti.

He scored 10 points on the opening home game of the Red Raiders against South Alabama, in front of 8.865 fans at the United Supermarkets Arena in Lubbock, Texas.

The Red Raider Italian freshman on his first officially game, dropped 10 points in 16 minutes, grabbed 2 rebounds, served 2 assist and stole 2 balls.

Davide scored all his points in the second half of the game. Crucial his first 5 minutes on the second half, when he dropped two 3 pointers in 33 seconds, giving a 10 points gap to his team (44-34). Moro received the congratulations of his coach Chris Beard, that during the post game press conference mentioned him and his performance.

Texas Tech will play again on November 14, against Maine, at the United Supermarket Arena.




Friday, November 10, at 8 p.m., in the United Supermarkets Arena in Lubbock (15,000 spectators), Texas Tech’s NCAA Red Raiders will play against South Alabama.

The second game is scheduled in the same place on Tuesday November 14,  at 7 p.m. local time.

Both home games will be televised by Fox College Sports.

In the two friendly games, played on the first and fifth of November respectively against Angelo State and New Mexico State, Red Raiders won for 88-69 and 84-54.

So, the league debut is approaching for the freshman Davide Moretti.

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by Davide Moretti.

I just finished a week of work in the gym. I am lying on my bed thinking of the upcoming one and looking at the schedule: 5 individual workouts and 4 sessions in “the LAB”; the weight room.

The individual work is incredible, and I really love it.

Here in Texas I have a new shadow, or better a “triple shadow” that follows me wherever I go. In fact I have three managers that are always ready to pass me the ball, rebound for me, set screens or play physical when I take it to the rim, never giving me a simple lay-up.

There is always one pressuring me with his defense, never letting me breathe.

I am also working on my ball handling with some tennis balls. And obviously my “triple shadow” is there to slap my hands and arms trying to make me lose control of the ball.

Not to mention when I use and run off screens; they are always there pushing and tugging , making everything much more difficult.

I am shooting a lot: off screens as a 2 guard and off the dribble as a point, and my guys are there trying to block my shots and forcing me to keep better balance.

In a certain way you could say that I really love them. I love my “triple shadows” and I love the way I get to workout with them all.

And the LAB is nothing less.

There is a phrase I hear every time I walk into the weight room. Our physical conditioning coach Reilly says it every time he sees me walking in at 8 o’clock.

He says:” let’s change your body”.

Now,..even if I can’t feel my arms or legs anymore, I still have the last rep…the toughest and the heaviest.

This is my typical day. It’s really tough, but believe me.. it is all I ever wanted.

On my first day off, a Sunday I went to the supermarket. I needed to get something Italian!

I was missing my pasta!!

So I bought four boxes of it, some tomato sauce and some very hard to find, extra virgin olive oil. I have tried thousands of different foods and some are really good, but my body has a need for pasta, and I really had to cook some. It is something I truly like and need.

Days go by, and I really miss my home and my family. So I decided to put something in my dorm room, to feel less alone.

Day after day I really think I am going through a great experience, working hard every day.

What do you think…do you agree?



by Valerio Bianchini.

Davide is another of the talented young men that have chosen US colleges to complete their basketball development. It is a correct choice, mainly for three reasons.

The first is technical. In US colleges the goal is the improvement of the individual player in a team context.  The number of official games is limited, while the practice session are many. Exactly the opposite of what occurs to our best prospects that often play in two or three leagues, with different coaches and overlapping schedules. A limited number of practices for a great number of games. Games that at youth level are often insignificant and at senior level often counterproductive .Hopping from one team to another, means adapting to different styles of play, and not practicing fundamentals, essential in the development of a player.  The US College gives the young men all the time for practices, after their studies, in a highly technical  environment, and in great facilities that are far from the standards   of  most of our basketball clubs.

The second reason is that all sport schedules revolve around their academic commitments. Our system here in Italy forces young men to decide if to continue their university studies, giving up the possibility of practicing twice a day to reach higher levels or to follow only their sport career, maybe jeopardizing their future.

The third reason is the exceptional personal experience of a young man living in the USA, as well described by Peterson on the Gazzetta dello Sport of oct.5th 2017. To be fluent in English, to have close contact with your teachers, to be able to broaden your horizons in this international life experience are all factors that are precious for a sports career, but priceless for a young man that, can approach life after sports with much more than simple practice sessions.

Valerio Bianchini
Coach National league winner with Cantù (1980/1981), Roma (1982/1983)  Pesaro (1987/1988); Cup of Champions with Cantù (1981/1982) and Roma (1983/1984); of the  Intercontinental Cup with Roma (1984); of the  Italian Cup with Fortitudo Bologna (1998).
Inducted in the Italian Basket Hall of Fame in 2013.

(Foto by Cristian Palmieri)


by Angelo Costa

Have a nice trip Davide Moretti, an almost twenty year old talent that carries a suitcase filled with an Italian hope: to have another player. If not a player for its league, a player for the National team. In other times it would have been the least; now it is an urgent need since Italian basketball has reached the bottom of the barrel and maybe has even started scratching that!

With his decision, Davide is sure to have two benefits: to grow as a person and as a player. It is understood that an experience abroad changes a young man: it makes him stronger in his certainties and gives him strength to overcome his weaknesses.. Something true also for the player: Federico Mussini, a freshly returned talent, after two years in the US with Chris Mullin has said that now “ he always knows what to do” and he will do it in our Italian League.

All personal considerations aside, the departure of a Moretti is just another negative symptom of the Italian basketball and National situation. Italy does not offer much to the younger generation. We are always surprised at how, for example Serbians and Slovenians, just to mention a few, have so many talents, many in their twenties, in their National team, while we do not even have the courage to find minutes for our young players in our Italian Series A League. The league is now full of foreign players that only a decade ago would have been worthy only to carry the gym bags of our local grown players. It has become so clear that also those who govern this show/league have started to realize that the fans need someone to identify in and honor the Club’s name and history and to give it a future.

Now, on the other side of the “pond” we have half a national team of talents: besides Davide, we have players studying in Colleges and Universities as Akele, Oliva, Vercellino, Ulaneo, Binelli, Stefanini, Woldetensae, Badocchi, De Nicolao and Mattia Da Campo. Names that not many have heard of, but known to the coaches that have had a chance to work with them in the various youth NTs.  So many players note that it is not as hard as in the past, to cross the ocean to study and play. It also notes the great desire for improvement that these young men have, and that they cannot find here in Italy.

So, as in many other fields, also basketball talents are leaving Italy, and it is useless to put the burden on them, while those who should do something to keep them here, do not do anything.

Angelo Costa
Il Resto del Carlino

Davide Moretti website arise

Davide Moretti website arise, that responds to URL.

The website space of Paolo’s son, combo guard born in 1998 height 6.3, it would be a directly way to tell his human and sports experience that begin this season.

Indeed, Davide has chosen to study in the US and plays basketball in NCAA, agree to the Texas Tech’s opportunity, that took him to wear the 25 Red Raider’s jersey, and plays in the Big XII Conference.

So the website will be a way to know him better, share about his own experiences and support all the projects that the Bologna 25th March born, across the two most famous Eurologue derby between Virtus Bologna and Fortitudo Bologna, will consider to be mentioned.

“Moro” ‘s site – Davide’s nickname – is composed to a section called BIO, that tell about his biography;

A section called BLOG where there are Davide’s diary (Diary), the space for all the important people articles from the world of basketball (GIVE&GO), and a space for all the news about him (NEWS); a section CALENDAR where there will be all the appointments and games dates of the Texas Tech Red Raiders; sections GALLERY and MEDIA where there will be all the photos choose by Davide during his past years and all the Articles/Videos about him; LINKS section where there will be all the sites followed by Davide; CHARITY section where we will speak about beneficial associations supported by Davide and his family.

The website will also have a “social” section, composed with all links about his Instagram profile, his Facebook page and his Twitter account. There also a link called “Playlist”, and it will be a playlist with all the songs choose from Davide., will be daily update, periodically offer contributes about Basketball people and different ways to follow Davide, but more in general, the US Basketball University world.

Ready, go: is Moro mania!


by Davide Moretti.

I have always written on social networks and used the #ngu hash tag. To “never give up” is something that I have learned from my father, that never gave up, on the basketball court or off of it, when he fought and overcome leukemia. This is why I wanted this motto on my website, that I hope you will visit and appreciate, since it is a way to keep in touch with everyone, now that I am “7 hours behind” the Italian time zone.

I am here in Lubbock, Texas, where I study at Texas Tech and play basketball with the Red Raiders, in the Big 12 Conference.

I am lucky to have a great number of friends, and people that care for me, but I would like to expand this number, sharing my feelings and life experiences.

This is why I started this website, that I hope can be useful for those that wish to follow my footsteps and reach the United States to study, play hard and improve, working hard, to turn their dreams into reality.

I will try to keep my Instagram account updated ,in order to interact with those who follow me. In this website you will also have the possibility to follow my basketball season, and read pieces of writing ,from important Italian basketball personalities, and I hope soon, also from the US.

I hope you get to like this space, and if you have any suggestions or some constructive criticism, please send them in.

Never Give Up!



by Mario Boni.

I met Davide Moretti during the 1999/2000 season. Obviously,he was only 1 year old and he couldn’t play, I was playing at that time! Since life is a weird business and the basketball as well, I went to Roseto degli Abruzzi, called to replace Paolo Moretti, Davide’s dad, that he turned the ACL of his knee.

The club, that was playing in the League A2, gave me an apartment next to Paolo’s, because of that, the friendship between our families arose, thanks even to all the dinners as guests of mom Mariolina.

I remember really sweetly those days, because my son Giacomo had just been born (1999), while Davide, that is a 1998 born, was just a little bit older.

The season ended really well: we won the championship and Roseto was promoted in the League A.

I would like to think that we accomplished the promotion all together; Paolo started at the beginning, and then he passed me the witness, me with all the other teammates, coach Phil Melillo, the team manager Pierfrancesco Betti and the president Michele Martinelli.

Than life keeps going and, wonderfully, I met Davide on the court, a guy that gained his dad’s talent which he added a good amount of audacity, something that he will really need for his future basketball career. I have been watching him play, with leadership and attributes even within professional foreign players on his teams, and my mind went back when I was looking at him and my son Giacomo, playing with a smaller ball all together. My son just turned 18 this past October 1st and he wishes the best of luck to Davide for his journey.

Today Davide is in Texas, he has chosen to play in the NCAA championship. To share and stay in touch with people that already know him and try to let new people know about his journey, he has opened his own website. I have to compliment with him because it’s really nice and interesting, with a lot of informations and picture of his whole growth.

I find really accurate the choice to connect his impression and our thoughts as ex basketball people and good friends of his dad, because I think that we never talk enough about our basketball, and this website is definitely helpful.

23 years ago, in the 1994, I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean to play. I went to the United States because it was the only opportunity that I had to continue to play since they gave me a disqualification. It wasn’t easy, at all. I was emotionally apart, far from home, with people that weren’t doing anything to help me get used to a new culture.

My american experience gave me the strength to overcome my hard time and helped me to become stronger than before.Because of my american journey, later on, a lot of professional satisfactions have come.

Davide went to NCAA, he has chosen the best University among all the others that offered him a scholarship. Not a bad start! I think he made this decision because he wants to get better and try to get to the NBA. Honestly I don’t think he needs to sacrifice his talent, but work on his body to get stronger. I also think that his american journey is really important for the human side: being far from his family, in another country, with a different culture. I’m sure that is a great formative experience that would change his life.

Good luck then, Davide, smiling kid that played ball with my little son Giacomo, giving us happiness during our nights, projecting to win a championship that after all we won.

Strength and courage Davide, you also have a championship to win.

Mario Boni
Former basketball champ and League A top scorer.
Vice-President of GIBA – Giocatori Italiani Basket Associati.

1997. Mario Boni, on the plane, returning from Turkey after winning the Korac Cup with Aris Thessaloniki.