Ten in a row, in the season that was to be the re-establishment after so many players came out of the program, and instead, the so convincing start projects the Texas Tech of Coach Beard in the top ten of the Ranking.
30 points for the sophomore Jarrett Culver, more and more leader and more and more projected to an NBA call next June.
26 minutes for Davide Moretti with 7 points, 2 assists with 2/2 free throws, 1/1 2p and 1/3 3p, more and more inside the system in the role of starter point guard, which covers with personality for about 29 ‘average in this first season window.

These are some of the numbers that come out from the clear victory against ACU (Abilene Christian Un.) on Sunday morning for 82-48 at the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum, in front of the sold out of over seven thousand spectators, in the suggestive appointment of the Throwback Game. The game opens in the second half, because until the long pause, even if the rhythm of RED RAIDERS was high for ACU, the gap remained around the double-digit lead (+15 at the halftime).

And now, “THE GAME”!
Now there are the Blue Devils at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN in New York!
One of the five most prestigious colleges and the most successful of the last twenty years.
COACH K … a century MIKE KRZYZEWSKI, since 1980 coach of DUKE, and for ten years COACH of Dream Team USA (2006/2016).
For the first time in their history, the RED RAIDERS will face up of coach K’s BLU DEVILS, positioned at No. 2 in the ranking behind only Kansas, in the New York temple, in one of the most fascinating arenas in the world.

Emotion! Pride!
It will be an honor to be there. It will be a great emotion to experience it!