The most interesting and hard part of the Red Raiders preparation is about to start. After the first month where the coaching staff focused mainly on individuals, with customized athletic programs and workouts, according to the needs and the characteristics of each player, we now move on to the collective: team practices begin, the team started to work on build offensive and defensive rules, team chemistry and the whole Coach Beard game system.
During the first ten days of November Davide’s second season will start in the amazing world of the NCAA College.
On his sophomore year, Texas Tech will be called to confirm its last historic season, the NCAA tournament that saw Davide and his teammates compete up to the Elite Eight in Boston, achieving the best result ever in 95 years of TTU history!
In one of the most important sport websites in the United States, which also talks about college basketball, this time they talked about the Red Raiders roster for the 2018/19 season, spot by spot from 1 through 5, seniors, returners and freshmen, for those who are curious and interested can read the article below:

Moretti was a top-100 recruit class last season who had to take garbage minutes while Evans led the team. It was unknown whether he’d be ready to take the reigns until his performances on the Italian National team for the U20 European Championships. He’s led the team in scoring at over 15 ppg and showed that he did learn some things from Evans on the offensive end.
As the only true point guard able to suit up to start the season, Moretti will be the projected starter. The good news though is that based off this summer, Red Raider fans can have confidence instead of apprehension with that.
Mooney himself could be the team’s point guard, having prior experience at being the lead ball handler at both South Dakota and Air Force. With his three-point shooting ability, he could spread the floor in ways others can’t.
There are two other point guards coming into the fold after the non-conference. CJ Roberts was a four-star freshman at Missouri before transferring near home in Lubbock. Another four-star freshman in Kevin McCullar has reclassified and will join the program in January. He could very well be the future but the idea of a true freshman with no previous time with the program will get meaningful minutes.
Due to the fact that the point guard position isn’t truly solidified, I won’t discount either guard from being part of the rotation in Big 12 play. But if Moretti looks in the season like he does in the summer, the majority of the minutes will end up with him regardless.