In Tulsa goes to scene the second round of the March Madness, and comes into the floor the best version of Texas Tech of Coach Beard.
We deal with the third best defends (TTU) and the fourth best offense, and the end results it doesn’t admit replicas: 78-58!
Destroyed without any fear of denial.
The game was always in control, 70-43 in the first 10 minutes of the second half, five man’s in double digit, reallu long garbage time, and party in the locker room as the music continues, we go in the second weekend of the NCAA tournament, the Red Raiders will play for the final four at Anaheim, neighborhood of Los Angeles with Gonzaga#1, Michigan#2 and Florida State#4.
For the consecutive year in the best sixteen of the country, from starting point guard, of a team totaly rivoluzionated inside a crazy esponencial grow!
For Moro 34 minutes on the court with 11 points scores, the dream continues. Realities are friday night at 2.00 a.m. italian hour the SWEET SIXTEEN against MICHIGAN. Inside the “ROAD TO THE FINAL FOUR” that block the States, there’s a italian heart what it beats strong.