Last one year match to remember for Texas Tech and Davide Moretti which ends with a victory over Bakersfield for 73-58. Coach Beard’s boys ring the fourth consecutive victory, the result of a continuous performance in a controlled race for the entire 40 minutes. Certainly a good sign in view of the start of the conference matches scheduled for Saturday 4 January at 11.00am against Oklahoma State.

Texas Tech starts strong immediately and after 5 ’of play is on +6, but Bakersfield stands up to the Red Raiders, managing to impact the match on 10-10. Texas Tech is certainly not intimidated and thanks to a good offensive performance puts the head forward, with the opponents who, however, always manage to remain glued and impact. It is a great challenge on both sides of the field between the two teams who face each other and face each other basket after basket, with the Red Raiders who only manage to sew and maintain a small advantage at the end of the first half. After 20 minutes of play, Texas Tech goes to rest 29-33 ahead.

The second half of the Red Raiders starts very well and with two consecutive triples fly to +11, Bakersfield, however, responds and returns below -3, with Texas Tech who, with a good test of character, however, pushes the opponents back to the sound of triple and you leads on +14 to 9 ‘from the end, 57-43. In the second half of the time, the Red Raiders are only concerned with administering the match and the advantage, always keeping their opponents at a distance, after the first 10 minutes of the second period really excellent, especially in attack. The last non-conference match of the season closes with a beautiful and convincing Texas Tech victory over Bakersfield with the score 73-58.

For Davide Moretti an “administration” race, especially in view of the next conference games, with 6 points, 3 rebounds, 2 stolen balls and 1 assists in 31 minutes.

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