The Red Raiders’ adventure in the final NCAA tournament starts in the best way.

The boys of Coach Beard, contracts and not very precise, fearful from the great environment and excited for the pressure that only the most beautiful Basketball tournament in the world can put!

The balance lasts all the first time, ending in advantage 30-26 for MORO and his companions. A sumptuous TT Culver guide for the entire match, putting the beauty of 29 points on the scoresheet. The separation takes place already at the beginning of the second half, when even Moretti enters the game, 10 points for him at the end with the powders wet however from the arc of the three points.

Sunday is repeated in Tulsa, in Oklahoma for the second round of this splendid dance which is the MARCH MADNESS, and Texas Tech, to enter the second week and the best sixteen, will have to defeat the college of BUFFALO, seeded number 6 of the WEST board side!