What is doing Chris McNealy right now?
“My wife and I have a B&B business in the Hills between Bologna and Florence. I help here with all the daily activities on running the business. Apart from that I do Tours for Groups of Americans coming on vacation in Italy. We go around to visit various Cities, Museums, Religious points of interest, Wine tasting, Gastronomic dining, Shopping Fashion, Golfing and more.
I’m also a partner in a clothing company 210 Italian Menswear. We have lines of dress clothing for tall me 2’2 meters and above. I usually travel around meeting
and serving clients which are players playing throughout Europe.”

What do you remember about your European experience?
“I mostly remember the growth as a person that I gained from living and playing in Europe. As a young American man being alone in Europe had it’s difficult and lonely times away from family and friends, however; after opening up and buying in to the new experience I discovered a place full of culture with open heart people and I was able to understand that I was living the best of both worlds. Still today I live both in Italy and USA with friends throughout Europe that I often visit.”

What are the biggest difficulties that you have faced in a foreign country?
“My first difficulties were the language and the missing of all the things that I was accustomed to back home. As a professional player the difficulties are really minor because the team usually took care of things. Now as a normal citizen I guess the bureaucracy of doing business in Italy has its difficulties.”

How long did it take to adjust to a different style of play?
“It was a difficult adjustment in the beginning. For me it was more the adjustment to the new lifestyle and expectations. Honestly it took me an entire season and I really never made the adjustment until I returned to USA and played in the NBA. Upon my return to Italy I was a more mature player and person and I knew what to expect.”

How the recruitment among American high schools and colleges have been changed in the last years?
“Players from high schools are now making decisions on if they want to attend college or take the chance of turning professional. Players in college are making decisions on whether to stay their full term of eligibility or to pursue a professional career. The recruiting has changed drastically because of the financial opportunities which has brought other people of interest into the decision making of the player.”

What are the pros for a “one and done” athlete?
“The pros are the possibilities of instant wealth. The cons are the possibility of failure and having no college education to fall back on.”

What do you think about the NCAA season?
“Very exciting basketball. It is great for players to learn how to play the game at a high level but also prepare them for their future. Balancing school studies and training and playing the game develops responsibility which players will need to know how to manage as a professional athlete or in normal day to day life.”

Christopher “Chris” McNealy (Fresno, 15 luglio 1961) NBA basketball player. Combo forward. 201 cm/100 kg.

Player career

Roosevelt High School
Santa Barbara Community College

S. Jose St. Spartans 1983-1984
Trieste 1984-1985
Albany Patroons 1985-1986
B.S. Bombardiers 1986-1987
N.Y. Knicks 1987-1988
La Crosse Catbirds 1988-1989
Aurora Desio 1989-1990
Fortitudo Bologna 1990-1993
Montecatini S.C. 1993
Santeros de Aguada 1993-1994
Montecatini S.C. 1995
Gig. de Carolina 1995-1996
Andorra 1996-1997
León 1997-1998
Siviglia 1998-1999
Granada 1999