by Davide Moretti.

After the first week of school I was really worried. I would like to tell you about what I understood during my classes, but there are not much to say, because a did not really understand anything (ahahah!).

The funniest class was Math, on Tuesday, I just understood the Professor’s name and that he is blind, yes, he is blind! He has a walk stick and an assistant that helps him during classes hours. I never heard that a blind professor could teach, is really strange but he also has all my respect. He spoke too fast, but all the terminology that I didn’t know in the English Math dictionary, killed me.

Fortunately on Tuesday I got only that class, because after 20 minutes I already have an incredible headache. I got 4 other classes during the week, and to go from one to the other one I downloaded an App on my phone, called “Find my Class” because this Campus is too big, and in 5 days I lost myself at least 7 times.

I got only ten minutes pause between each class and I have to ride my bike like if I go from Roseto Palasport to “La Vela” beach and I sweat every time like in practice to arrive in class on time.

The classes are exactly like I have always seen on movies, with almost 200 students for each one and the professor teach the lesson from a microphone like in a press conference.

Everything is so technological, I got a “Blackboard” account. It is the school website where I can see all my grades, do my homework and review (after 1pm) all the lessons that I have done in the morning. I took 3 days to understood how it works but now everything is so easy and awesome.