Last week of summer in Roseto for Davide Moretti, he will be back in the other part of the world on August 24th – in Lubbock, Texas, United States – to start his second NCAA season with the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

A season that seems to be really challenging, after that the Freshman season brought the best season in 95 years of history, with coach Beard’s team in the Elite Eight college in the country (and so in the world).

Moretti, eating some seafood pasta (which is a big fan of it), makes the point starting from the historical achievement of last season: “Have been celebrated from the students of your university, which are you fans as well, it has been emotional and gratifying. Our team made History, letting 33 thousand of students be proud of their University. In short: we made them happy and proud and they have showed us their love”.
Davide made a great Academic year as well, pursuing his studies: “It’s been a calculated decision, since I may graduate in 3 instead of 4 years, and have my last year of college only to play basketball. I need to thank my Academic advisor (Coach Ski), which helped me to attend the double of hours that you usually do in one year”.

What’s in the past remain in the past, and Moretti looks forward: “Since the first day we got back, 10 days after the NCAA tournament ended, we know that this next year has to be better. Coach Beard told us clearly: after we finished in the Elite Eight, we need to target the Final Four, don’t be satisfied in anyway. I think it’s the right mindset and it’s also because of the coach that I have chosen this college”.

During this second year we should see Davide Moretti minutes and responsibilities grow. This guy knows it and he says: “ During all my second years, in all my past experiences, in Pistoia and Treviso, I have always had a kind of “step up year”. My dad – and I agree with him – says that I always needed a year, sometimes less, to adapt and understand how things go. I hope that my next year will be better than the first one. It’s on me to be ready when the opportunities will arrive”.

The goal is always the same: work hard with modesty, to have one day the opportunity to play in the NBA