by Valerio Bianchini.

Davide is another of the talented young men that have chosen US colleges to complete their basketball development. It is a correct choice, mainly for three reasons.

The first is technical. In US colleges the goal is the improvement of the individual player in a team context.  The number of official games is limited, while the practice session are many. Exactly the opposite of what occurs to our best prospects that often play in two or three leagues, with different coaches and overlapping schedules. A limited number of practices for a great number of games. Games that at youth level are often insignificant and at senior level often counterproductive .Hopping from one team to another, means adapting to different styles of play, and not practicing fundamentals, essential in the development of a player.  The US College gives the young men all the time for practices, after their studies, in a highly technical  environment, and in great facilities that are far from the standards   of  most of our basketball clubs.

The second reason is that all sport schedules revolve around their academic commitments. Our system here in Italy forces young men to decide if to continue their university studies, giving up the possibility of practicing twice a day to reach higher levels or to follow only their sport career, maybe jeopardizing their future.

The third reason is the exceptional personal experience of a young man living in the USA, as well described by Peterson on the Gazzetta dello Sport of oct.5th 2017. To be fluent in English, to have close contact with your teachers, to be able to broaden your horizons in this international life experience are all factors that are precious for a sports career, but priceless for a young man that, can approach life after sports with much more than simple practice sessions.

Valerio Bianchini
Coach National league winner with Cantù (1980/1981), Roma (1982/1983)  Pesaro (1987/1988); Cup of Champions with Cantù (1981/1982) and Roma (1983/1984); of the  Intercontinental Cup with Roma (1984); of the  Italian Cup with Fortitudo Bologna (1998).
Inducted in the Italian Basket Hall of Fame in 2013.

(Foto by Cristian Palmieri)