Big 12 officialized the calendar for the new season and Texas Tech pubblished it on it social channel, Facebook and Instagram, putting on the cover Davide Moretti. Following, the schedule of the regular season of Big 12:

The season starts 4th January vs Oklahoma State and ends 7th march with Kansas. Below, the video of the presentation of the calendar, within the historic and beautiful images of the last glorious season:[0]=68.ARCAHrXU7b3UqoyU2waLZ4So26HRinoSCanL5aSQXo4RW4YiT-Afz3qGmPcQyNw0wyZJQ0IBxUw8sCgxIslCLB1kJBvRKwNN93vanVtyX_VrMvV7EVg9zJ6SyLDv_hGUpTnLmlGmJH3rqMT4uN9vG1AvKe8DwuFV2RzpqCuJQX82s7nUq48g6Z2iPl3ppZfS29eLXhnTGOXU9h8fOEkj6KJz32NeVGkLJAzQOf1KjT0Ypsz5CyW7WvK7i5mGEOlDj77clfnSPkc3CJKweEt4H2QuQ5dXwt6v0OjcUqtYO9ao-Oy-gVlhWnJJhRopYv8UNJVdeyf9gRBYpEV0UwShbh_r8n-6sCGnXBI2wg&__tn__=-R


Meanwhile, Davide and Texas Tech work hard, in the field and in the gym, in view of the next, crucial season. Here are some shots of the workouts