Very exciting atmosphere, historical arena, players who have made college history and legendary twenty years ago uniforms, introduce a race, which at the beginning is psychologically hard.

The Red Raiders chase for the entire first half, overcoming Rice only in the last five minutes (HalfTime 29-25).

Still in balance at first minutes of the second half (35-35 at 5 ‘), until the defense of coach Beard boys becomes excellent, and causes turnovers to opponents and easy points in fastbreak for TTU.

Incredible the number, 26 turnovers of Rice and still remarkable the contribution of the bench, 34 points!

Davide closes with 8 points, 3/9 from the field (2/6 from 3 points), 2 assists and 3 steals an excellent match.

Texas Tech will play on Tuesday, December 19 (7pm local time), hosts Florida Atlantic University (FAU) at the United Supermarkets Arena.